Wednesday, September 2, 2009

HHR: Hering Hot Rod

Hello! Our family has been looking all summer for a car. Actually, I have been looking for more than three years... where'd the time go? We started looking at used cars. My one true love of a car was the Pt Crusier, after trying it out and reading reviews, I passed to the next bigger thing. I tried out a HHR Chevy, which I liked a lot too. After trying out a few different cars this past week, I found the one I was looking for.

It's a new 2009 Chevrolet HHR. The kids were super excited to finally have mom get her car! I think the wait was well worth it! Talk about the lastest technology, this car has most everything. I told my kids we could call it the Hering Hot Rod or the Hip Hop Rider, they like Hering Hot Rod. My daughter told me that the car is a she!

Yesterday we went out with our new car! We had to go to school to meet the teachers, then we headed to Eau Claire to the Children's Museum. The kids love the Children's Museum. It is like a little town with play stores and lots of things to do.
At the Children's Museum, they even have an area downstairs with a waterworld that kids can play with. My son loves that alot!
Here are my kids this morning waiting for the bus! It sure is quiet here now... oh did you hear the dust move? LOL! I have a lot of things planned to do, like cleaning the deck and maybe staining it tomorrow. The new car is sitting in the garage, I'm not planning on any HHR adventures today.
Thanks for visiting! See you later.... Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last day of vacation!

Today was the last day of summer vacation! Me and the kids had to go to school today to meet the teachers and do all the paperwork. After that we went to the Children's Museum to play for about 2 hours. The kids love the Eau Claire Children's Museum. After that we went shopping at Menards to pick up a few things. Tomorrow will be very different around here since I'm a stay-at-home-mom. My daughter already asked me today that if I was gonna start going through stuff to get rid of so she can have her own room. Well probably not gonna happen tomorrow, since I have a ton of things to do like cleaning the deck and re-staining it.

I got something kinda special yesterday... I might post it later this week! It's been something I wanted for aloooooooooooong time, LOL. See yah later... :) Kathy~