Friday, January 18, 2008

Jellychicks adventures

Hello and welcome to my new blog. You may be wondering, where did jellychick come from? Well the answer, my husband Matt. Back in our dating years around 1998, he came up with my yahoo user name jellychick. I was working at a factory that made Kraft jelly and was a machine operator and packed jelly. And since I was a girl, hence jellychick was born. And for the adventures, this blogging is all new to me, so its a new adventure. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hopefully next time you come back, I'll have figured out how to add pictures. Thanks again.

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Craftling said...

Hello, Kath.. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving nice comments! :o) Thought I'd take a peek at yours.. Fair's fair, after all! lol ;o)

Your hubby is very smart to come up with such a great name! I love it! Umm.. I knew a Matt who came from Wisconsin, once upon a time. Noooo! It couldn't be! lol ;o) Your surname's not Mattson... is it?

Anyway, I'm off to checkout your lovely designs.. already seen one that I love.. the mouse blowing the dandelion clock. Which is quite a co-incidence, as I have a Dandelion Clock ATC on my blog!! lol ;o)

Bye for now,
Heather xx