Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello and Happy Valentines Day!!!
May this be a great day for you today. All my family is off to school or at work today so I'm here by myself till little buddy gets home from preschool. He's in the 4year old kindergarten so he gets picked up by a small school bus. It's only half a day, four days a week. My husband surprised me with a big bag of dove chocolates this morning. The kids took their valentines for classmates and teacher to school today. I didn't get my hubby anything so I might make a card for him. I ordered some pizza from Papa Murphys with breadsticks and soda. My sister is picking it up for me. It will be a big surprise for them all. We'll probably celebrate more this weekend by going to a movie and dinner together. Also probably go visit the YMCA and take the kids swimming there. We just signed up on Monday for a year membership at the YMCA. My daughter loves to swim, she's like a fish in the water. My son likes it too. He was scared when he was little, not like my daughter, she never has been scared.

Here is my little valentines Day surprise for you! I hope you like it, it is so amazing!!! Make sure you turn off my playlist on the side bar. I found this on Youtube recently. It's a skit done with black lights. I saw a skit like this in person and it was amazing. This is Who am I by Casting


Jamie Martin said...

Wow, the video to Casting Crowns was AMAZING, thanks for sharing. I'll send some friends over to take a look at it. Can't wait to see some of you cards when you get them uploaded :)

Jody said...

I just found your blog while looking up cuttlebug/nestability info and your tips are great, but I could not believe what a blessing it was to stumble upon the Casting Crowns post. Thank you SO much for sharing, and great job on your cards, Im keeping your blog on my favorites.