Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oh happy day! The arrival!!!

My Spell Binders Nestabilities came in the mail on Friday. It's my Mother's Day gift, of course I have another coming whenever they are shipped to the store. It seems like everyone wants them at the same time. My next set is the circles, I was thinking ovals but changed my mind. My little guy helped me open the package. He is holding the package, you can see one of his eyes peeking through. This is what the classic set of Nesties come in, their all in one big pack.
Here are some of my examples. I had to play with it as soon as I got it in the mail. My little guy had his hand in it too. He had to help me. He wanted to make the sandwich but I just let him crank the cuttlebug and take out the cutouts when it was done embossing. Today my church is having a Brat/Hotdog stand at Walmart. My DH is cooking the food. This is our third year. I usually help them but I'm staying home to watch my two kids and my neice. Later on we're going to a birthday party at the park. Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I'll be MIA all day, maybe even Monday. My daughter has a dentist appointment so we have alot of running to do. Till then...

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Sandy said...

Yay!! So glad you got your Nesties ... what a perfect Mother's Day gift!! Enjoy them Kathy.

P.S. Your little one is adorable.